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Dogs and Puppies Available for Adoption

All of our adoptable dogs and puppies are dewormed, up-to-date on all vaccines, heartworm tested, on flea/heartworm prevention, (heartworm prevention while in our care) spayed/neutered, and microchipped at time of adoption. Puppies under 4 months will not have their rabies vaccination. Adoption fees range from $300.00 to $475.00 depending on size and age of the dog or puppy.

The Adoption Process
Fill out an adoption application
After we review your application, we will contact you to schedule a home visit for you to meet the dog you are interested in and to see how the dog interacts with other members of your family.
We will then give you 24 hours to decide if everyone is still in agreement to adopt the dog.
If interested in proceeding with the adoption, you will start a three day foster to adopt. This will allow you see to see how the dog adapts to your home and other members in the household.
Food, bedding, crate and anything else the dog may need will be provided.
If after the three days you would like to adopt, we will then make arrangements to finalize the adoption.
At this time we are only adopting out to families in Windsor/Essex County.

Please note that for most our adoptable dogs, we do require a secured fenced in yard.


Buddy is a 2 year old, 10 pound Poodle Mix. He is a very sweet loving dog who gets along with dogs, cats and kids. He is house and crate trained. Buddy loves going for short walks, loves to play but most of all loves being with his people.
 Maggie is a 2 year old, 20 lbs. Puggle who loves people of all ages. From Maggie’s foster family, Maggie is an intelligent, energetic and loveable dog. She loves to be around people and especially loves to cuddle. She loves to play catch and can do this for quite some time. We're working on her leash manners as they do need improvement. She is a strong dog and tends to pull, more out of excitement to check everything out on her walks. She does have a fear of dogs larger than her and will bark at them until they are out of her sight. She's great with people of all ages and loves attention. She has never shown aggressiveness with food. She does like taking articles of clothing from family members, not to rip them up, but to have the scent of her people when no one is around. Although she enjoys playing with her terrier mix sibling, she does prefer most of the attention on her. She would be best suited for a home with no other dogs where she can benefit from all the attention. Did I mention she loves to cuddle?! Maggie is usually on the couch before you get a chance to sit down in anticipation of lying on your lap and going to sleep. She will bark when people come to the door but settles down quickly once she gets her scratches from the new guest. Maggie is a very sweet girl, extremely loveable an would make a great addition to an active family
Maggie can't go to a home with cats.


Will is a 1 year old, 60 pound Lab Mix.
From his foster family,
Will is such a happy and friendly boy who loves everyone he meets. He is good with dogs big and small but would do best with another confident playful dog as he is a very active and playful pup. He is also quite happy just being with his people and his toys and would also do very well as the only dog. He is good with cats (even grumpy ones lol). He has been very good meeting childen on leash, he loves them but needs to sometimes be reminded to stay calm around them as he's still young himself. He is very tolerant with them, once he is shown how to behave around them he would be an amazing family dog. He has no problems sharing bones and toys with other dogs and will let you take anything from him. He loves being outside with his people or alone, he does not bark much and stays out of trouble. He is learning some house manners and is catching on remarkably quick. When invited tho he loves cuddling on the couch with you and will lay on your lap awaiting his massage. (watch that tongue tho, he's a kisser!) He walks very well with the help of a Gentle Leader head harness. He likes his walks but by far his favourite things are his toys, he loves to fetch them for you, and chewing, he will sit quietly on his bed chewing for hours in the evening while you relax. He is still young and can be excitable but has such a good heart and willingness to please. He'll make someone a wonderful pet.
Will needs to go to a home with a fenced in yard.


Darla is a 1 year old, 38 pound Black Mouth Cur Mix now available for adoption.
This beautiful girl is so sweet, she is house and crate trained, loves going for car rides, walks and is doing very well with her leash training,
Darla gets along with other dogs and every human she meets. Darla loves nothing more than to play with you and then settle on the couch with you for some belly rubs.
Darla would make a great and loving dog for your family.

ADOPTION PENDING . Coco, Male Cairn Terrier Mix Born May 13th 2017. Coco will be able to join his forever family July 21st at 10 weeks old.
We have stopped taking applications on Storey.  Storey, Female, Cairn Terrier Mix Born May 13th 2017. Coco will be able to join his forever family July 21st at 10 weeks old

Available for Adoption Soon
Please know that the dogs available soon, just got in or are coming to our rescue. All dogs are put in foster homes for a minimum of 10 days where we may assess their behaviour and as soon as they are available for adoption they will be posted,  due to the number of email and applications we do not accept an adoption application until the dog is available for adoption.

Daisy, 14 month old, 13 pound Cairn Terrier Mix. Gets along with everyone she meets!
Lacy, 7 year old Schnauzer

More information to come.
This is Duchess, she is a Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Mix. She will be a year old in August. She weighs about 20 to 25 pounds and stands just below knee-high.
Duchess gets along with dogs and cats.

More information to come
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