For The Love of Paws Animal Rescue
Happy Tails
These fur babies have found their "furever home"
Tucker, Adopted September 2017
Sweet Pea, Adopted September 2017
Duchess, Adopted August 2017
Daisy, Adopted August 2017
Will, Adopted August 2017
Darla, Adopted August, 2017
Storey, Adopted July 2017
Coco Adopted July 2017

Buddy, Adopted July 2017
Bella, Adopted July 2017
Mondo, Adopted July 15, 2016
Nash, Adopted July 2017
Billy, Adopted July 2017
Norris, Adopted July 2017
Daja, Adopted July 2017
Butter, Adopted July 2017
Max, Adopted June 2017
Gizmo, Adopted June 2017
Eva, Adopted June 2017
Coco, Adopted June 2017
Reba, Adopted June 2017
CeCe, Adopted June 2017
Bella, Adopted May 2017

Nigella, Adopted May 2017
Sam, Adopted May 10 2017
Gina, Adopted May 3, 2017
Romy, Adopted April 2017
Maggie, Adopted April 2017
Joel, Adopted April 2017
Bentley, Adopted April 2017
Lucy, Adopted April 2017
Sydney, Adopted April 3, 2017
Max, Adopted April 2, 2017
Abby, Adopted April 2, 2017
Morgan, Adopted April 1, 2017
Lucy has been adopted March 31, 2017 Lucy came into our rescue February 24th all the way from our friends in Lebanon, She was found on the street when she was 2 months old in a village in the mountain. People there wanted to poison her. A guy adopted her right away but after a month Lucy was chained outside in the cold. So she was taken and put in a boarding facility for a couple of months and then moved to the shelter and since then she has been there almost 4 years till she came into our rescue.
Lucy’s foster family in Windsor have fallen in love with Lucy and have adopted. Lucy now has a new sister and best friend Keown (Sammi who was adopted from us October 2015)
We could not be happier for Lucy where we know she will be loved and spoiled as she so deserves.
Congratulations to Lucy and her forever family.
Bear, Adopted March 2017
Tess, Adopted March 2017
Cooper, Adopted March 2017
Scooter, Adopted March 2017
Brewster, Adopted March 4, 2017
Sounder, Adopted February 28, 2017
Lily, Adopted February 22, 2017
Lyn, Adopted February 2017
Buddy, Adopted February 2, 2017
Jill, Adopted January 2107
Gavin, Adopted January 22, 2017
Savvy, Adopted January 19, 2016
Buttons, Adopted January 13, 2016
Ziggy, Adopted January 8, 2017
Winston, Adopted January 5, 2017
Daisy, Adopted December 30, 2016
Peanut, Adopted December 22, 2016
Bailey, Adopted December 17, 2016
Lucy, Adopted December 17, 2016
Bowden, Adopted December 13, 2016
Kayla, Adopted December 13, 2016
Harley, Adopted December 13, 2016
Roxy, Adopted December 13, 2016
Brody, Adopted December 9, 2016
Shilo, Adopted December 7, 2016
Hannah, Adopted December 6, 2016
Sophie, Adopted December 4, 2016
Caleigh, Adopted December 4, 2016
Mondo, Adopted December 3, 2016
Strawberry, Adopted November 23, 2015
Hayes, Adopted November 13, 2016
Lulu, Adopted November 2016
Jack, Adopted October 2016
Billy, Adopted October 19, 2016
Izzy, Adopted October 2016
Bogey, Adopted October 16, 2016
Skipper, Adopted October 16, 2016
Theo, Adopted October 15, 2016
Pasha (Bombay) October 2, 2015
Sweetie, Adopted October 2, 2016
Sandy, Adopted September 17, 2016
Dixy, Adopted September 13, 2016
Poppy, Adopted September 6, 2016.
Tom, Adopted September 5, 2016
Hope, Adopted September 5, 2016
Picasso, Adopted August 31, 2016
Michelle, Adopted August 29, 2016
Sergio, Adopted August 28, 2016
Chance, Adopted August 26, 2016
Licorice, Adopted August 26, 2016
Willow, Adopted August 26, 2015
Daisy, Adopted August 26, 2016
Spanky, Adopted August 19, 2016
Spanky has been adopted.Spanky is 4-5 years old and lived his entire life outside. His previous "owners" were moving and were going to euthanize him and a very nice man took him into his home (knowing that he could not keep him) we were contacted to see if we could take Spanky into our rescue.Congratulations to Spanky and his furever family. Were so happy that he now knows what it is to be loved.
Dash, Adopted August 15, 2016
Pico, Adopted August 13, 2016
Hazel, Adopted August 12, 2016
Raven, Adopted August 9, 2016
Jazzy, Adopted August 9, 2016
Rex, Adopted August 8, 2016
Ellie (Elf) Adopted July 28,2016
Cassie, Adopted July 24, 2016
Chick, Adopted July 23, 2016
Brutus, Adopted July 22, 2016
Candy, Adopted July 21, 2016
Frannie, Adopted July 4, 2016
Roxie, Adopted July 3, 2016
Ike, Adopted June 28, 2016
Bean, Adopted June 26, 2016
Lucy, Adopted June 20, 2016
Cody, Adopted June 19, 2016
Sand, Adopted June 15, 2016
Malley has been adopted. Sweet Malley came to us May 28,2015 and sadly it was discovered that he had a broken vertebrae in his back and the poor little guy was in a lot of pain. With the help and care of Dr. Ajay Kaler of Central Animal Hospital, and the love and care of his foster family, Gail, Mark and Trevor, Malley is doing wonderful and it was time Malley found his furever home. Malley was here the longest of all the dogs that have come into our rescue.Congratulations to Malley and his family. Were going to miss this little guy, but were so happy he is home.
Honey, Adopted June 9, 2016
Penelope, Adopted June 1, 2016
Alice, Adopted May 27, 2016
Teddy, Adopted May 27, 2016
Serena, Adopted May 27, 2016
Susie Q, Adopted May 15, 2016
Tess, Adopted May 8, 2016
Dinky, Adopted May 7, 2016
Macy, Adopted May 2, 2016
Beefcake, Adopted April 29, 2016
Daisey May, Adopted April 26, 2016
Frankie, Adopted April 16, 2016
Finnigan, Adopted April 16, 2016
Batman, Adopted April 11, 2016

Adopted April 11, 2016
Munchie, Adopted April 10, 2016
Derp, Adopted April 7, 2016
Lang, Adopted March 25, 2016
Sinbad, Adopted March 16, 2016
Rory, Adopted March 12, 2016
Remy, Adopted March 11, 2016
Bandit, Adopted March 8, 2016
Queenie, Adopted March 4, 2016
Squirrel, Adopted February 22, 2016
Morty, Adopted February 21, 2016
Jack, Adopted February 18, 2016
Taylor, Adopted February 18, 2016
Ricky, Adopted February 17, 2016
Oakley, Adopted February 15, 2016
Snowy, Adopted February 12, 2016
Darwin, Adopted February 11, 2015
Ame, Adopted February 11, 2015
Cinnamon, Adopted February 8, 2016
Tessa, Adopted February 7, 2016
Lilo, Adopted February 5, 2016
Korra, Adopted February 5, 2016
Keely, Adopted January 31, 2016
Duchess, Adopted January 29, 2016
Snickers, Adopted January 27, 2016
Jett, Adopted January 25, 2016
Tandi, Adopted January 22, 2016
Sailor, Adopted January 22, 2016
Tanner, Adopted January 6, 2016
Boo, Adopted December 29, 2015
Annie, Adopted December 22, 2015
Homer, Adopted December 21, 2015
Maliki, Adopted December 16, 2015
Rocky, Adopted December 15,2015
Bella, Adopted Dec.12, 2015
Blue, Adopted Dec.12, 2015
Harley, Adopted Nov.30, 2015
Tiny, Adopted Nov.29, 2015
Gordon, Adopted Nov.26, 2015
Erin, Adopted Nov.22, 2015
Molly, Adopted Nov. 15, 2015
Molly, Adopted Nov.9,2015
Hayes, Adopted Nov.5, 2015
Thor, Adopted Nov. 3 2015
Amos, Adopted Oct.25, 15
Sparky, Adopted Oct.23/15
Napoleon, Adopted Oct.19,15
Sweet Pea, Adopted Oct.15, 15
Niles, Adopted Oct.14,15
Kain, Adopted Oct.7,15
Skipper, Adopted, Oct.6,15
Koda, Adopted Oct.5,15
Buster, Adopted Oct.5,15
Sammi, Adopted October 1st. 2015
Perry, Adopted September 2015
Mason, Adopted September 2015
Cricket, Adopted September 23, 2015
Celia, Adopted September 20, 2015
Sassy, Adopted September 17, 2015
Doodle, Adopted Sept 5, 2015
Sheba, Adopted Sept. 4, 2015
Jax, Adopted Sept.2, 2015
Jean, Adopted Sept. 1, 2015
Mani, Adopted August 2015
Sampson, Adopted August 2015
Ralphie, Adopted August 2015
Sasha, Adopted August 2015
Finn. Adopted August 2015
Max, Adopted August 2015
Clyde, Adopted August 2015
Randy, Adopted August 2015
Pricilla, Adopted August 2015
Holly, Adopted July 2015
Pasha (Bombay) Adopted, July 2015
Pasha (Bombay) has found his forever home. We would like to thank everyone who has filled an application and given support and well wishes for Pasha. The fosters for Pasha have fallen in love with him and Pasha has truly bonded and fallen in love with them. Pasha you are now home. This has been a very long journey for him and we could not be happier. A very big Thank You, to the wonderful volunteers at BETA in Lebanon for saving his life and nursing him back to health and the privilege of taking Pasha into our rescue. Stay tuned for many updates on Pasha."

Mojo, Adopted July 2015
Adopted, July 2015
Penny (Mooch) has been adopted. last November, three of our volunteers took the long drive to Pomeroy, Ohio to pick up some dogs at Meigs County Animal Shelter.When they got their one of our volunteers immediatley saw this very sweet, timid girl in an outdoor kennel. Sadly, they could not bring this sweet little pup back with them however, 1 month later she came to us in Windsor. Penny was a very frightened pup who would crawl on her belly, urinate out of fear, but would trust you where you could pet and cuddle with her.Penny went into a wonderful foster home where she began to flourish. Today, Penny is a confident loving girl, who now walks great on leash and loves everyone she meets. Today we are so happy that our beautiful Penny has now found her perfect furever home. To Rick and his family, thank you so much for fostering Penny and letting her become the dog she is today. Congratulations to Penny and her adoptive family. Sweet life Penny (Mooch) you so deserve it.
Roy, Adopted July 2015
Max, Adopted July 2015
Peanut, Adopted July, 2015
Andrew, Adopted July, 2015
Dora, Adopted June 2015
Maya, Adopted June 2015
Marky, Adopted June 2015
Trotter, Adopted May 2015
Judd, Adopted May 2015
Reba, Adopted May 2015
Tippy, Adopted May 2015
Hailey, Adopted May 2015
Socks, Adopted May 2015
Jive, Adopted May 2015
Riley. Adopted May 2015
Sadie, Adopted May 2015
Mocha,Adopted May 2015
Cordero, Adopted May 2015
Kenzie, Adopted May 2015
Ace, Adopted May 2015
Bonnie, Adopted May 2015
Charley, Adopted May 2015
Gorbito, Adopted May 2015
Rozzie, Adopted April 2015
Kalli, Adopted April 2015
Cooper, Adopted April 2015
Beans, Adopted April 2015
Billy, Adopted April 2015
Becca. Adopted April 2015
Cutie Pie, Adopted April 2015
Coconut, Adopted April 2015
Oregano, Adopted April 2015
Lucy, Adopted April 2015
Gracie, Adopted April 2015
Missy, Adopted April 2015
Jilly Bean. Adopted April 2015
Sissy, Adopted April 2015
Olive, Adopted April 2015
Cash, Adopted April 2015
KeeKee Adopted April 2015
Freckles, Adopted April 2015
Pumpkin, Adopted April 2015
Mack, Adopted April 2015
Henry, Adopted April 2015
Mitzy, Adopted April 2015
Lucy, Adopted April 2015
Congratulations to Buddy, Adopted March 2015
Chyan, Adopted March 2015
Bella (Chocolate) Adopted March 2015
Teddy, Adopted March 2015
Chico, Adopted March 2015
Ruby, Adopted March 2015
Sadie, Adopted March 2015
Toby, Adopted March 2015
Riley, Adopted March 2015
Albert, Adopted March 2015
Nano, Adopted  March 2015
Millie, Adopted February 2015
Jessa, Adopted February 2015
Abby, Adopted February 2015
Hershey, Adopted February 2015
Titan, Adopted February 2015
Nunu, Adopted February 2015
Cleo, Adopted February 2015
Andy, Adopted February 2015
Gizzy, Adopted February 2015
Rex, Adopted, February 2015
Foster, Adopted February.
Sargent, Adopted February.
Blossom, Adopted January 2015
Lanny, Adopted January 2015
Nikki, Adopted January 2015
Lexi, Adopted January 2015
Adopted, January 2015
Sasha, Adopted, January 2015
Hatch, Adopted January 2015
Beans, Adopted December 2014
Timber, Adopted December 2014
Sugar, Adopted December 2014
Princess, Adopted December 2014
Shep, Adopted December 2014
Dakota, Adopted December 2014
Sassy, Adopted December 2014
Adopted, December 2014
Duke Adopted December 2014
Mya, Adopted December 2014
Lucas, Adopted December 2014
Skittles, Adopted December 2104
Sasha, Adopted December 2014
Bella, Adopted Nov. 2014
Coco, Adopted Nov. 2014
Puggi, Adopted Nov. 2014
Gabby, Adopted Nov. 2014
Hanna, Adopted Nov. 2014
Axel, Adopted Nov.2014

Ritchie, Adopted Oct.2014
Tally, Adopted Oct. 2014
Abby, Adopted Oct. 2014
Trevor, Adopted Oct. 2014
Falkor, Adopted Oct. 2014
Sebastien, Adopted Oct. 2014
Allister, Adopted Oct. 2014
Misha, Adopted Oct. 2014
Tori, Adopted Oct. 2014
Ollie, Adopted October 2014
Lance, Adopted October 2014
Bella, Adopted September 2014
Buddy, Adopted September 2014
Peyton (Babygirl) Adopted, August 2014
Zorro, Adopted August 2014
Benny, Adopted August 2014
Sassy, Adopted August 2014
Harley, Adopted August 2014
Casey, Adopted August 2014
Tommy, Adopted August 2014
Tidbit, Adopted July 2014
Memphis, Adopted July 2014
Abby, Adopted June 2014
Molly, Adopted June 2014
Brat, Adopted June 2014
Piper, Adopted June 2014
Teddy, Adopted June 2014
Billy, Adopted June 2014
Cooper, Adopted May 2014
Lucy, Adopted May 2014
Kaylee, Adopted May 2014
Honey, Adopted May 2014
Taco, Adopted May 2014
Gidget, Adopted May 2014
Louie, Adopted April 2014
Zeppelin, Adopted April 2014
Blackie, Adopted April 2014
Jasmine, Adopted April 2014
Minnie, Adopted April 2014
Sissy, Adopted April 2014
Myra, Adopted April 2014
Lola, Adopted April 2014
Cole, Adopted April 2014
Duke, Adopted March 2014
Rusty, Adopted March 2014
Myla, Adopted March 2014
Sadie, Adopted March 2014
Diego. Adopted March 2014
Asia, Adopted March 2014
Vapour, Adopted March 2014
Midnight, Adopted March 2014
Our beautiful girl Stephanie from Lebanon, adopted March 2014
Dodge, Adopted March 1, 2014
Noelle, Adopted February 2014
Bear, Adopted February 2014
Gracie, Adopted February 2014
Geno, Adopted February 2014
Deogee, Adopted February 2014
Kay, Adopted February 2014
Mickey, Adopted February 2014
Becca, Adopted February 2014
Dixie, Adopted February 2014
Bullet, Adopted February 2014
Bullet is a 35 pound Lab/Shep Mix. He is one amazing little boy! You would never know that he has had such a rough start to his young life, after surviving being shot in the head. He is so mellow, sweet and gentle. He knows how to sit and shake a paw and we are working on laying down. He takes treats so gently a toddler could feed him. He is house trained and crate trained. He loves playing outside. He will chase a ball or Frisbee and loves to run around with a stuffed animal. But he REALLY loves chasing my dogs and playing with them. He loves attention and kisses but is not high maintenance and is happy to lay on a dog bed or cuddle next to you on the couch. We just love him and I know when you meet him, you will too!
Buddy, Adopted February 2014
Congratulations to Buddy and his adoptive family. Buddy was found frozen to the floor in his plastic dog house and some very nice people seized him. Were so happy that Buddy is now safe in a warm, loving home.
Jade, Adopted February 2014
Peanut, Adopted January 2014
Ziggy, Adopted January 2014
A slideshow of all the rescue animals from For the Love of Paws Animal Rescue that have already found their forever homes.


Adopted April 11, 2016
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