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Dogs and Puppies Available for Adoption

All of our adoptable dogs and puppies are dewormed, up-to-date on all vaccines, heartworm tested, on flea/heartworm prevention, (heartworm prevention while in our care) spayed/neutered, and micro-chipped at time of adoption. Adoption fees range from $300.00 to $500.00 depending on size and age of the dog or puppy.

The Adoption Process
Fill out an adoption application
After we review your application, we will contact you to schedule a home visit for you to meet the dog you are interested in and to see how the dog interacts with other members of your family.
We will then give you 24 hours to decide if everyone is still in agreement to adopt the dog.
If interested in proceeding with the adoption, you will start a three day foster to adopt. This will allow you see to see how the dog adapts to your home and other members in the household.
Food, bedding, crate and anything else the dog may need will be provided.
If after the three days you would like to adopt, we will then make arrangements to finalize the adoption.
At this time we are only adopting out to families in Windsor/Essex County and the Ottawa Area.

Please note that for most our adoptable dogs, we do require a secured fenced in yard.


Say hello to Tanner! This sweet boy recently came from Lebanon, where he had been in shelter since 2014. He was shot and left to starve, but was rescued by a wonderful organization in Beirut.

Tanner is probably around 7 or 8 years old and may be a Malinois or German Shepherd mix. Despite his awful history, he's one of the best boys you'll ever meet. He's gentle, calm, and eager to please. We haven't heard him bark since he's been in care. He lived with hundreds of other dogs in shelter, so has very good social awareness. He is also amazing with kids and just wants pats, love and snuggles. His foster family has a 5 and 7 year old and he loves them both. Belly rubs are his favourite and he will roll over every chance he gets for a good scratch. He's very trusting, very affectionate and only wants your love in return.

He is extremely agile for a tripaw and can climb stairs (and jump on beds and couches!) with ease. He likes to show his love when he first meets you by jumping up to say hi, so kids need to be dog-aware. He is also a bit of a counter surfer, but he's super smart and easily learned to sit within the first few days of being with his foster family. He's very food motivated so will be easy to train! Positive-reinforcement only for this guy. He's submissive and respectful.

He would love to be a couch potato, but this big boy has a few extra pounds to lose to keep him healthy and ease the strain on his remaining legs. He is good on leash and loves his walks, but he needs to build up strength, stamina and tolerance for exercise. It's important that his family keep him active (without pushing him too hard!). Shorter walks with lots of breaks to lean in for a pat are great. His forever home should have a dog of similar energy levels and temperament to avoid injury to his remaining legs.He could also be a single dog. Preferably a home where someone is home more often during the day, but he hasn't shown any signs of being destructive. He does show a bit of anxiety when his people leave, but this will likely ease as he bonds with you.

Tanner has never had a 'real' home and has lived outside most of his life, so he needs some guidance on toileting. His accidents are few and far between but he 'marks' occasionally inside. Lots of outside breaks and tons of positive reinforcement (and a bit of patience) and this boy will no doubt get used to the inside life. In less than a week he has already learned to tell his foster parents when he has to poop. He's such a good boy!

Tanner is one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet. He has many amazing years of love left to give to his lucky forever family.

Tanner is neutered and up to date on vaccinations.
Tanner is Available in the Ottawa Area.

Lady is a 1 year old, 10 pound Chi Mix
Lady is an active sweet little girl, who loves to investigate and run and play in her foster’s backyard.
Lady gets along with other dogs (has not been cat tested) she is a little reserved at first but warms up quickly.
If you're looking to add a sweet active pup to your family, consider Lady.

Linc is a very handsome Labrador Retriever born May 5, 2015
He was rescued by our dear friends BETA - Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals after being hit by a car and suffered a broken leg and hip. He is all healed and he is looking for his forever home. Linc loves being with his "people" he is calm, friendly, very gentle and eager to please. He is a very sweet and loving dog. He is good with other dogs (has not been tested with cats.

Adoption fee is $440.00 which includes his neuter, up to date on vaccines including rabies, leptospirosis bordetella, and microchip

Phineus will be Available for Adoption Soon.
Phineas (Scooby Doo) is a male, 35 pound 10 month old Mountain Cur Mix available for adoption.
From his Foster family,
Phineas will be an amazing dog once matured.He LOVES everyone! Big kids, little kids, dogs, cats (sometimes likes to chase cats but is 100% playful, not aggressive) He craves human affection, likes to hug u and curl up next to for snuggles and scratches.When told its bed time, he runs to my bed and goes right to sleep curled up next to me. He is surprisingly calm for a puppy. Loves his squeaky toys. Is content to go to his crate if offered his favorite toy and bone.
He is VERY smart and learns tricks or commands quickly as he is treat driven.
The only issues are he gets scared when yelled at or if he thinks he is in trouble and will pee a bit. Very rarely has an accident. Will chew things if he does not have toys or bones around. Will steal food off the counter if no one is in the room but we are working on the "leave it" command.
All in all Phineas is a cutie pie and will make anyone a great companion.
Adoption fee is $420.00 which includes his neuter, up to date on vaccines including rabies, leptospirosis and bordetella, 

Ringo is Available for Adoption

Introducing Ringo! This fella is a 6 year old mix, neutered and up to date on shots. Ringo is also completely housetrained and weighs in at 33 pounds.

Although Ringo gets along well with other dogs at the park, he loves to have all of his family’s attention at home. He even gets along with cats!

Ringo loves nothing more than being by his humans side as they hang out watching TV or reading. He will let you know if someone has knocked or rang your doorbell. 
Ringo is available in the Ottawa area.

Clyde is Available for Adoption
He is an 8 month old, 50 pound Basset/Bulldog Mix
Clyde is such a sweet, loving pup who loves people and gets along with other dogs. He has not been tested with cats.
He is a little timid at first but warms up very quickly!
He loves to cuddle and give kisses. Still being a pup he gets excited too see you and will jump up on you so it's best he not go to a home with young children
If your looking fore a gentle, sweet loving dog, consider adding Clyde to your family.
Adoption fee is $420.00 which includes his neuter, up to date on vaccines including rabies, leptospirosis and bordetella, 

Puppies Available for Adoption
Faye's Puppies born December 14th will soon be looking for their forever homes. Mom is a Spaniel Mix (were not sure who the Dad is) They will be medium size when grown. They will be available for adoption February 22nd and we will start accepting applications February 18th. 
Adoption Fee is $500.00 which includes their spay/neuter, dewormer, flea and tick preventive and first set of shots.Adopter pays for last two set of vaccines.

Gigi Female
Cain Male

Available for Adoption Soon
Please know that the dogs available soon, just got in or are coming to our rescue. All dogs are put in foster homes for a minimum of 10 days where we may assess their behaviour and as soon as they are available for adoption they will be posted,  due to the number of email and applications we do not accept an adoption application until the dog is available for adoption.

Precious, 2 year old 10 pound Chi. Super sweet  and gets along with other dogs.
Venus, 2 year old, 50 pound Retriever Mix, super sweet girl who is calm and friendly with everyone she meets.
Sam, 2 year old, 47 pound Lab/Shepherd Mix, shy when you first meet him but warms up quickly, gets along with other dogs, is relatively calm and he is as sweet as it gets!
Hummus,8 months old, gets along with dogs and cats

Ama, Female, French Spaniel, 5 years old, very sweet and gets along with other dogs.
Kinko, Bichon Mix, 6 years old. Friendly and gets along with other dogs.
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