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Available for Adoption

Dogs and Puppies Available for Adoption

All of our adoptable dogs and puppies are dewormed, up-to-date on all vaccines, heartworm tested, on flea/heartworm prevention, (heartworm prevention while in our care) spayed/neutered, and microchipped at time of adoption. Adoption fees range from $300.00 to $475.00 depending on size and age of the dog or puppy.

The Adoption Process
Fill out an adoption application
After we review your application, we will contact you to schedule a home visit for you to meet the dog you are interested in and to see how the dog interacts with other members of your family.
We will then give you 24 hours to decide if everyone is still in agreement to adopt the dog.
If interested in proceeding with the adoption, you will start a three day foster to adopt. This will allow you see to see how the dog adapts to your home and other members in the household.
Food, bedding, crate and anything else the dog may need will be provided.
If after the three days you would like to adopt, we will then make arrangements to finalize the adoption.
At this time we are only adopting out to families in Windsor/Essex County.

Please note that for most our adoptable dogs, we do require a secured fenced in yard.

Spud is a 1 ½ old 30 Lbs Basset/Beagle Mix
This little guy loves people and loves nothing more than kisses and snuggling on the couch with you.

Spud is the 'ORIGIONAL 
“social butterfly” and greets everyone he meets with a waging tail! He gets along with other dogs & cats He likes going for walks and is not pulley on leash but does like to investigate, he is hound after all! He is house and crate trained.
In the evening, he will gather his stuffy toys, (which he loves) and will cuddle on the couch with you and watch TV
We have never heard Spud bark, but did hear him howl once when he was
outside and heard another dog barking.
If you’re looking for a special dog. Spudalicious Spud is your'e pooch!
Adoption fee is $420 which includes his neuter, up to date on vaccines including rabies, leptospirosis and bordetella, heartworm test, flea preventive (advantage multi) and microchip
Merlin is a 9 month -1 year old, 35 lbs. Mountain Cur Mix
From his Foster Family,

ABRACADABRA! If you could conjure up the sweetest dog it would be Merlin. He will work his magic on your heart and put you under his spell. He has had many changes recently and has developed some anxiety with new places and noises, in just a very short time in his foster home he went from terrified and anxious to a bouncy spunky little dog. He takes some time to become comfortable with new places but once he does WATCH OUT! He is a happy and very playful little guy who is so loving. He LOVES his toys and will stash them all around the house and is learning to fetch and loves it. He is still very "puppy-like" and likes to put things in his mouth so having lots of toys and some chews around will keep him away from anything he isn't suppose to have. Because of this and his anxiety he does best in a nice comfy crate when left alone and at night at least until he has time to adjust and mature. He loves to be outside and will spend hours out there playing or just relaxing and doesn't make a peep or get into trouble. He gets along well with dogs and would love a playful confident dog to show him the ropes. He also gets along quite well with cats, actually he loves them! so a cat who is comfortable around dogs would be a good fit. He loves his walks, he gets excited and can pull a bit at first but calms down after some time. Living in a home is still new to him and he is learning his manners and is coming along well, someone who would continue this and who is willing to do some basic training with him would be a great thing for Merlin. He is house trained and crate trained and is such a good boy in his crate, he is quiet and goes right to sleep. He will only bark when he is playing and is a little shy but very friendly when new people come to the house. In the house he will come up for some attention and snuggle up for a nap but can also be independent and entertain himself with his toys and chews. He is still young and can be a bit wild and bouncy at times so older children would be a better fit for Merlin. He is a wonderful dog who has been through so much and deserves a loving family of his own.
Adoption fee is $420 which includes his neuter, up to date on vaccines including rabies, leptospirosis and bordetella, heartworm test, flea preventive (advantage multi) and microchip

Adoption Pending

Patty is a 2 year old, 31 lbs. Shepherd Cross who gets along with dogs & cats

From her foster family
Patty is a happy, energetic girl who loves spending time with her humans. She loves going for walks, chasing a ball and cuddling. She knows how to sit, lay down, go outside and we’re working on “stay”. She knows what toys are hers and doesn’t chew our belongings. She gets very excited and has some trouble with her jumping habit. She also mouths and can get a bit carried away, so it’s important to always have a chew toy on hand.

Patty is a smart girl and is a quick learner
Patty is house and cratetrained but the foster family says she does just fine not being crated.

If  looking for a very sweet active dog Patty is the one!
Adoption fee is $420 which includes her spay, up to date on vaccines including rabies, leptospirosis and bordetella, heartworm test, flea preventive (advantage multi) and microchip

Sonny is a mixed breed who is 18 months old and weighs 25lbs.
From his foster family,
Sonny is a delightful little fellow , with a lot of love to give. He is very smart , already
knows how to sit, stay, lay down and understands no.He enjoys running around the back yard then comes in and cuddles with someone on the couch. Loves to play with his toys . He really enjoys playing tug and fetch. Gets along very well with other dogs, he likes to chase the cat but has never tried to... hurt her , just wants to play with her. Sonny will be a great joy to any family because he is so loving and trusts everyone . Enjoys kids .
If your looking for a very sweet little dog, Sonny is it!
Adoption fee is $420 which includes his neuter, up to date on vaccines including rabies, leptospirosis and bordetella, heartworm test, flea preventive (advantage multi) and microchip
Adoptive/Foster Home Needed for Sassy

Sassy is a beautiful 10-11 month old, 30lbs. German Shorthaired Pointer Mix
Sassy is a shy nervous girl who needs a gentle hand to bring out the wonderful girl we know she is. She loves to go for walks and play but what she loves most is being with her “person” Sassy is house & crate trained. Sassy does scare easily, but we have seen a lot of improvement since she came into the rescue.
Time and a little understanding will let her be your best friend
Sassy does get along with other dogs and would do best in a home with children over 10 years of age.

Twain is a 1 year old, 31 pound Golden Mix

Twain is a very loving and energetic boy who is totally game to go for long walks or just curl up on the couch and cuddle all night. He has done fantastic with every dog, cat, and human he has come in contact with; however, he can be a bit shy at first. Twain is very affectionate and loves to be pet and given attention. He knows basic commands and is crate trained. He will have the odd accident in the home until he is familiar with his new surroundings. He is very externally motivated and enjoys his treats. Twain will be a great addition to any family.

Twain came to us from BETA in Lebanon

Twain was hit by a car November 7th and was rescued by Beta and taken to their Vet's where it was discovered Twain had 2 broken legs that were very bad fractures. He had two stainless rods put into his legs and he couldn't walk for a while. It was a very bad accident. Twain went to a foster home where he could recover and when he did we were asked if we could take him into our rescue

If your looking to add a very sweet & special dog to your family, Twain is the one!

As Twain enjoys being outside and playing in his foster homes yard, he does need to go to a home with a fenced in yard.

Available for Adoption Soon
Please know that the dogs available soon, just got in or are coming to our rescue. All dogs are put in foster homes for a minimum of 10 days where we may assess their behaviour and as soon as they are available for adoption they will be posted,  due to the number of email and applications we do not accept an adoption application until the dog is available for adoption.

Josh, 8 month old, 25lbs. Husky/Beagle Mix Good with dogs & cats.
More information to come.
This handsome boy is a 30 lbs. Lab Mix who is very friendly and gets along with other dogs.
More information to come
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