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Tulip, a 17lbs. 10 month lbs., Sheltie Mix came into our rescue June 6th and soon after we discovered she was pregnant.On July 8th Tulip had five puppies and sadly her 5th pup was stillborn. Tulip and her four pups are doing well.
Tulip a puppy herself having puppies. PLEASE SPAY & NEUTER YOUR PETS.

On behalf of all of us at For the Love of Paws we would like to congratulate Gayle & John on their recent wedding ceremony.Teddy who was adopted by Gayle & John in May of 2016, would like to thank Mom & Dad for their generous donation of $500.00 to For the Love of Paws from their special day.
Thank You.

June 17, 2013 We can't believe it's been 5 years since the first four dogs from BETA in Lebanon came to Windsor.We welcomed Tommy, Meagan, April & Monte.
These were the first four of many dogs from Lebanon who now call Windsor/Essex/Kent/ County home

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we said goodbye yesterday June 19th to our little brave Max.
Max a 9 year old arrived a month ago, an owner surrender who abandoned Max in a pound because “he played too much with his squeaky toys”
On May 17th we picked him up and soon after his arrival we noticed a nagging cough, our first thought it was kennel cough, but soon found out it was much more severe.
Max was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, fluid in the lungs and a tumour. We put him on four different drugs in hopes that it would ease his discomfort but it did not, his coughing got worse, his breathing was laboured and he stopped eating
We knew he was failing and his quality of life was drifting away. With all that he was going through he still tried to play with his toys and get all the possible belly rubs he could get. He was such a sweet dog.
Sadly we knew it was time to send him to the bridge.
Thank You to Dr. Ajay Kaler and his staff at Central Animal Hospital for their care and compassion in taking care of Max.
In the short time he was here, he was loved. No more pain little man, you will be missed

Mae is a beautiful 22lbs.sweet girl with striking green eyes who came into our rescue this afternoon
.Mae was to come to us in the second week of May, she was in a pound and pregnant. The morning she was to come she had an emergency surgery where it was discovered all of Mae's pups had died.
Mae recovered in a foster home in WV till she could make the trip to Windsor..Mae will spend sometime in her foster home and then will be available for adoption.

June 1st we welcomed these four beautiful furbabies into our rescue Bubbles, Bonnie, Boyka and Goldie who came from our dear friends in rescue from L'ARK in Beruit, Lebanon. After a very long journey from Beirut to Paris to Toronto and then the drive to Windsor.
Bubbles is an 8 year old, 17lbs. Bichon Mix.
Bonnie is a 2year old, 33lbs Terrier/Mix
Boyka, is a 18 month, 15lbs, Loulou/ Mix and
Goldie, is a 2 year old 60lbs. Golden Retriever Cross.
We would like to thank their travel companion Diana Dayton who flew to Beirut and flew back to Toronto with the dogs and to all the volunteers at L'ARK with a special thank you to Mona Khoury and Lina Farhat for everything you do to help the dogs in Lebanon.
Bubbles, Bonnie, Boyka and Goldie will spend sometime in their foster homes where we may ge to know them better and then will be available for adoption.

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