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Due to the Covid-19 Virus we will be suspending our Adoptions for the safety of our volunteers and potential adopters. Please be safe.
Thank You

Last week we received some very sad news that our very sweet Faye has terminal cancer and only has about 4 months before she crosses to the bridge.
Faye was a stray from Ohio and when found her paws were raw from wandering. Faye came into our rescue in November a very sweet girl but you could tell she was overbred and we had no idea she was pregnant. On December 14th Faye started to go into labor and had 5 puppies and sadly 3 of them did not make it. Her 2 puppies have found their forever homes and now it was Faye’s turn. We noticed Faye had started coughing and brought her to our Vet’s where multiple x-rays were taken and blood work was done. The x-rays revealed that Faye has mammary cancer that has spread to her lungs. Faye is only 6 years old.
Faye will stay in her very loving foster home with the company of her foster sister Luna and everything will be done to keep her as comfortable as possible.
We will also be starting a Bucket List for Faye with the first being to have her 2 pups come visit her.
We can only imagine the terrible life Faye had before coming here and to see how happy and loved she is right now it truly breaks our hearts.
We cannot thank her Foster Mom enough for everything she has and is doing for Faye.
If you would like to donate for Faye’s medical care you may do so by
e-transfer to
or PayPal
Tipsy and Kinko both had their surgeries yesterday.
Tipsy had all of her teeth (except two) removed, her spay and a lump removed from her mammary gland.
Kinko had her eye removed due to an old injury or disease to the eye.
Both are doing very well and getting spoiled and loved in their foster homes.
We would like to thank Dr. Gill and the great staff Clearwater Animal Hospital and Dr.Jammu and the caring staff at LaSalle Animal Hospital for the wonderful care of Tipsy and Kinko

It has been a long four months for Duke, but were happy he is now done with his heartworm treatment, this big lovable dog will be looking for his forever home soon.
We would like to thank everyone who donated, bid on his auction, shared his page and for all the thought and prayers for our handsome boy.

We are excited to announce that For the Love of Paws has expanded to the Ottawa area

June 17, 2013 We can't believe it's been 5 years since the first four dogs from BETA in Lebanon came to Windsor.We welcomed Tommy, Meagan, April & Monte.
These were the first four of many dogs from Lebanon who now call Windsor/Essex/Kent/ County home

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